WooCommerce – 1C – Data Exchange

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WooCommerce 1C: Enterprise Data Exchange is a plugin for WordPress that implements data exchange between WooCommerce and configurations on the 1C: Enterprise 8.

The result of the work is filling and updating the product catalog from 1C on the site, as well as exchanging orders.

Works using the exchange protocol between the 1C: Enterprise system and the site. This open protocol was developed by 1C and 1C-Bitrix.


Loading and updating categories.
Loading and updating product properties and their values.
Loading and updating of goods (and variations, if accounting is carried out by characteristics), images, prices and balances (the total balance of warehouses is included in the product or variation, if there are several of them in the unloading).
Downloading and updating images of variations, if accounting is carried out by characteristics and a picture by characteristic is set in 1C (as a rule, such an opportunity is provided by additional exchange modules in 1C).
Support for full exchange or only changes.

Unloading orders (support for `real-time` exchange, if supported by the module in 1C).
Support for changing the status of orders according to data from 1C (the order must first be uploaded to 1C from the site). The status can be set for the options: if there is “Date of payment for 1C” or “Date of shipment for 1C”, if “Passed” = “true”, if “Deletion mark” = “true”

Support for applying changes in the composition of goods in an order according to data from 1C (the order must first be uploaded to 1C from the site).
Possibility of automatic installation of a category image (for the first product with an image).
Support for accepting data in the archive.
The ability to control the size of the part when transferring files from 1C.

Support for step-by-step upload processing (files received from 1C are processed with runtime control, which allows you to easily use the plugin on shared hosting).
Ability to disable recording / updating of a series of data, if necessary.

The ability to search for an existing product by SKU (it can be useful to form a connection with products from unloading, and not create new ones if the products are already on the site and their SKUs coincide with SKUs in 1C).

Possibility to select the type of prices for the base and sale prices (if there are several in the unloading).
Possibility of applying the type of prices in the basket, based on the basket amount (if there are several in the unloading). That is, for example, if the basket amount is more than 3000, then use price type 2, if it is more than 5000, then use price type 3, etc.

Additional control of changes in the content of the product (the plugin stores the hash from the last content of the product and, if it matches the current one, it does not update the name, description, SKU, etc., which saves time and resources when processing the upload, while prices and the remnants are updated)
All settings on the site through the administrative panel.
Preview images.